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Upon Castlight Inc.'s acquisition of Jiff, Inc., a rebrand was upon the first large tasks myself and my team were asked to tackle. A large piece of that task was providing Castlight with a new web experience.

Our process included imagining new and interesting ways to tell the "Health Navigation, Simplified" story. We pulled images that conveyed navigation, directional road signage, and even explored arrows moving through a variety of physical and virtual spaces.

We settled upon a hero that would load a different geographical area to broaden the message of making health navigation simple, everywhere, for everyone. Through use of web animation (WebGL), our vendor BigBite Creative (UK), was able to implement the concept of the digital journey through physical space our users take via an animated line interacting with the photos. This created a unique and convincing way for us to tell the health navigation story.

We were proud of the results. The homepage punches a few wow moments with delightful scrolling build-ins, and some fun use of paralax.

I also was instrumental in updating the usability and design of their resource library by providing a thought-out experience allowing users to navigate through a sea of content. The pages were designed in order to be updated by in-house content managers through a built out CRM.

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